You can look good and have a healthy smile. Most people who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth do not realize the numerous ways cosmetic dentistry can heal a smile. Cosmetic dentistry can correct crooked teeth; spaces between your teeth; stained or discolored teeth; chipped, broken or missing teeth and “gummy” smiles. Drs. Stevens and McCullough create a customized treatment plan for you, based on your age, your goals and your are financial comfortability level.

Porcelain Veneers

Imagine a whiter, more brilliant smile! Porcelain veneers are a conservative cosmetic dentistry approach that makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of your teeth. If you have chipped teeth; crooked teeth; gaps in teeth; or dull or stained teeth, veneers may be the perfect solution for you. Your dentist will skillfully bond and shape thin strips of porcelain to your teeth, creating a straight, brilliant smile that enhances your appearance and your self-esteem.

Tooth Whitening

You may be quite happy with the size and alignment of your teeth. However, time may have dulled or yellowed their surfaces. Your doctors at Floss Family Dentistry offer several tooth-whitening programs, including at-home treatments and professional treatments in the office. A brilliant smile may be as close as a single treatment away and is an affordable method of enhancing your entire appearance.

Your custom home-whitening kit involves a special tray that is customized to fit over your teeth. You also receive prescription whitening gel, which is inserted into the tray before you wear it. Dr’s. McCullough and Stevens will give you detailed instructions about how long you should wear the tray each day, and you should expect the entire home-whitening process to take between two and four weeks, leaving you with a dazzling bright smile.

If you desire immediate results, visit Floss Family Dentistry for an in-office whitening procedure. Again, the treatment utilizes a special tray that fits around your teeth. However, with your dentist’s supervision, a much more powerful whitening gel is used, giving you amazing results in just a few hours!

Are you thinking of having other cosmetic improvements, such as crowns, porcelain veneers, or replacing old, discolored fillings? If so, consider whitening your teeth first. Then any future restorations we make for you will be matched to your whitened teeth, giving you fantastic results.

Patients rave about our tooth-whitening program. Imagine removing surface stains and having the white smile you had when you were a teenager. Floss Family Dentistry offers a take-home whitening program to help patients uncover a clean, renewed smile!

Imagine removing surface stains and having the white smile you had when you were a teenager! Anyone can have the confidence that comes from having a bright, white smile. Tooth whitening with Zoom!™ is safe, effective and long-lasting.

The Zoom!™ tooth whitening system is a powerful, in-office procedure that produces fast, dramatic results. Drs. McCullough and Stevens will apply a specialized gel to your teeth using a customized tray similar to a mouthpiece. The customized tray is comfortable, allowing you to hold it in place for about an hour. During that time, a specialized light source will interacts with the gel to break down even the strongest stains and discoloration. By the end of your appointment, you will have a smile that looks like it did years ago!

There is also a Zoom!™ take-home whitening kit available. This do-it-yourself process can be completed in a weekend, and while the results are not as dramatic as the in-office procedure, you will still see noticeable, fantastic results. Talk with your doctors for help in deciding which whitening procedure is right for you.

Restorative Dentistry

Drs. McCullough and Stevens and their team change lives every day through restorative dentistry. Rejuvenate your smile today!

Porcelain Bridges

Sometimes gum disease, injury, decay, or simply wear results in the loss of a tooth. A large gap in your smile, left uncorrected, can create significant problems for your dental health. Over time, your bite pressure may shift to other parts of your mouth to compensate for an inability to efficiently chew in the area of the missing tooth. Neighboring teeth may begin to move about, moving into the gap, which can result in discomfort, pain, and more problems down the road. Porcelain bridges literally “bridge the gap” in your smile. Dr.McCullough and Dr. Stevens create a lifelike, functional bridge to correct your smile, to restore your bite and to alleviate your discomfort. A porcelain bridge is created out of metal, alloys, or porcelain and utilizes the teeth on both sides of the gap as its supportive structure. After some preparation of the two neighboring teeth, crowns are created for them. A prosthetic tooth (or pontic) is fused between the crowns to fill the gap. A bridge is a semi-permanent dental restoration, meaning it can only be removed by a dentist. So you can rest assured that your porcelain bridge will be a lasting restoration to your oral health.

Porcelain Crowns

A tooth-like crown made of porcelain is used to restore a tooth after the decay has been removed. Crowns are also used to restore chipped teeth, broken teeth, gaps in teeth, and other damage. Also called “caps,” porcelain crowns resemble natural looking teeth in both shape and color. All-metal crowns are also sometimes used and have the shape of real teeth, but are made of silver.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

When the decay has been removed from the tooth, it is replaced with “filling” material. In the past, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed into the cleaned out portion of the tooth. With advancements in dentistry, you can now have tooth-colored fillings instead of silver fillings resulting in a brighter, whiter smile.


Bonding refers to the placement of tooth-colored resin to correct chipped and broken teeth, discolored teeth, and in some cases, spaces between teeth. Bonding is generally considered more conservative than veneers or than other cosmetic dentistry. The benefits of bonding include the ability to maintain the natural structure of the tooth and the ability to color and sculpt the resin to create natural looking teeth. Like a natural tooth, the resin may stain with the use of coffee or other staining foods.


Look younger by lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. In addition to treatments designed to give you a beautiful, youthful smile for life, Floss Family Dentistry makes BOTOX® treatments available to you. A single BOTOX® treatment effectively “erases” fine lines – especially around your brow area, giving your face a tighter, more youthful expression safely, conveniently and comfortably. Enjoy a BOTOX® treatment alone, or schedule one with your next cleaning or at your upcoming cosmetic dental enhancement.


Everyone’s skin ages differently and JUVÉDERM™XC may be used to rejuvenate multiple problem areas. From smile lines to vertical lip lines, you can smooth away unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours. JUVÉDERM™XC is a smooth gel filler that Floss Family Dentistry uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year.

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